Bold Destiny Couples Retreats

Unique Format

Intentionally kept small (typically 5-7 couples)

Couples share a common association (Community Group, Church Group, Life Group, etc.)

Conducted in a host home, creating a casual and relaxed setting

Positive and encouraging atmosphere

We come directly to you, and conduct the retreat in your town or city

Typical schedule is Friday (6pm-9pm) and Saturday (9am-7pm) with no overnight stay required

Rewarding Experience

Gain a clearer understanding of God’s unique design for your marriage

Biblically based, challenging and relevant topics, customized for each audience

Quality time and space provided, allowing for intentionality with your spouse

Practical tools applied immediately and beyond

Learn how to build deeper relational intimacy and spiritual oneness with God and each other

Discover how to focus on your strengths and excel in your differences

To learn more about our Couples Retreat please complete the form below and we will gladly get back with you shortly. Thank you.