Our program consists of two phases:

Phase I is a couple’s retreat

Phase II is personalized coaching/mentoring for each individual couple

We encourage you to go through our program together with other couples from a pre-existing community (small group, church group, friends/acquaintances) to grow and share life together, with the tools and knowledge you will gain upon completion.

As a couple, we will equip and prepare you to:

  • Build a strong foundation for a long-lasting marriage
  • Create a solid path for you and your family to follow God
  • Identify your individual gifts and passions, bringing them together to serve God as a couple
  • Experience deeper relational intimacy and spiritual oneness


This invaluable time will solidify the foundation for you as a couple. 

The retreat is intentionally kept small to optimize participation, fellowship and the quality time needed to invest in each couple.

The retreat will help you:

  • Bring clarity to God’s design of your marriage
  • See how your shared life experiences are shaping your marriage and legacy
  • Learn how to thrive in your differences and excel in your common interests and passions
  • Begin developing a spiritual identity and culture for your family


Following the couples retreat, you will receive five personalized 1:1 coaching sessions (virtual or face-to-face).

We use a combination of assessment tools, bible study exercises and relevant discussion topics to build upon the retreat and address the specific needs of husband, wife and couple.

Each couple from your community will receive similar coaching, allowing you as couples to walk in parallel with each other.